In Memoriam
Donato DiCristino, my brother
June 7th, 1978-April 19th, 2014

Donato DiCristino was a wonderful brother, son and friend. If someone he loved was in
trouble, he was there to make sure they were okay, and if they weren't, he stayed with
them until they were. He was my brother. I love him so much, and cannot write the word
loved because this isn't yet real to me. I am so sorry to be the bearer of such bad news,
but DonaTo. had a very large network of friends through his books and through his
poetry, and every single person who loved him has a right to know that he is no longer
with us.

Donato passed away on Saturday, April 19th, 2014. He was found at 8:40pm Saturday
night where he was residing. His dog Loca was by his side with him when he died, and
stayed with him until someone found him. He loved Loca, and Loca loved him, and she
made sure he was found.

His immediate family and closest friends are all very much in shock. We all are deeply
saddened and heart broken.

He was working on a few different projects before he suddenly died, and one of them was
encouraging young writers to keep doing what they loved even in the face of adversity.

Donato was taking part in National Poetry Month, and he was posting a poem on his
website every day to celebrate. From April 14th he posted his poem "Revelations" which
he wrote in 20

"new beginnings
often bring
sudden changes
altered meanings
frequent confusion
all too different
but nothing too difficult
for me to accept
for me to acquire

I try to survive
the constant visions
which are sometimes distorted
but always required

I know now all too well
most things
aren’t written in stone
some birds fly away
never to return
do we know which birds?
can we see that far?

I know now all too well
to live in the moment
to bask in the light of our love
taking in its glimmering rays
peeling away the many layers
we have built up for so long

new love
often brings
new meaning
and confusion
yes, I know
but none we can’t accept

love me as I am now
and I will do the same
accept things as they are now
and I will do the same

Growth comes from change that new beginnings bring.
Change comes from acceptance of the new beginning."