Mini Naan Pizzas

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Mini Naan Pizzas

This dish is not only healthy, but completely vegetarian. It could even be vegan if you substitute the cheeses to vegan cheeses. I will give you all of the information if you would like to do this.
These cuties are absolutely delicious and can be made for a party or for a romantic dinner for two. The naan bread gives a nice peppery taste, and added with the right topping, this can be truly exceptional!

Mini Naan Pizzas

6 mini naan (you can get them egg less at Sainsbury’s)
3 small tomatoes
1 ball of vegetarian or vegan mozzarella cheese
2 leaves of spinach
scoop of ricotta cheese (for vegan recipe make dairy free ricotta)
1 orange pepper sliced
dried basil
garlic powder
onion granules
vegetarian Parmesan cheese (I found an even cheaper version at Sainsbury’s)or vegan Parmesan cheese

Preheat the oven to 200°Celsius (390°Fahrenheit)
Take out a large baking tray and cover with grease proof paper.
Place the 6 little naans on the tray and then start making your toppings.
For mine I sliced 1 mozzarella ball and placed pieces of it on 5 of my naans,
on the 6th naan, I spread the ricotta cheese.
On top of the mozzarella I placed some sliced orange pepper, tomatoes and
dried basil and oregano.
I then poured a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil on top to keep everything moist.

Mini Naan Pizzas

You can experiment with anything, but then add a sprinkle of onion granules and garlic powder for that extra kick.
On top of the ricotta cheese naan, I put some spinach, but again, anything would work in this dish.
Have fun with it!!
Place in the oven for 20 minutes, turning around the tray after 10.

Mini Naan Pizzas
Serves 4

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7 Responses to Mini Naan Pizzas

  1. Dave

    Great Job Dia!!

  2. Jen Jen

    So proud of you Dia..these look great!

  3. Flickruser

    I found your blog through your flickr page. I must say what a nicely done website you have going here. The naan pizzas are very clever indeed, and I suspect food magazines will come a calling for your work. Good job.

  4. Felicity

    Yum, these look really good. Sometimes I make pizzas using pita bread as the base, but these mini naan pizzas would be great as an appetiser!

  5. Administrator

    Thanks everyone! I am having a lot of fun with these veggie recipes!

  6. Joe

    nice pizza!

  7. Anthony Vona Jr

    These are just the perfect or-derv for hosting a get together with friends. It goes really well with a nice glass of wine too….Love these,So Looking Forward to making them! Good Wok Dia !!-) Registered & Protected