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Victoria Plum Jam with Gluten Free and Vegan Pancakes

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Victoria Plum Jam with Gluten Free and Vegan PancakesYou can’t get much better than this–pancakes with jam. Of course you can use any jam, but as it is the middle of the Victoria Plum season, better to take advantage of this delicious fruit.

Fresh Sweetcorn and Chili Soup

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

This soup is nice, thick and spicy, but not too rich. I would suggest serving it in small soup bowls as an appetizer rather than bigger portions for a main course. I chose to slow cook mine over 4 hours, but you don’t have to wait that long! I just find it tastes better if [...]

The Great British Strawberry-How to Make Strawberry Jam

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

The Great British StrawberryToday was very exciting to put it lightly. What an adventure I had with my three little dogs and mate. We piled into the car and drove down to a Pick Your Own Farm because I was dying to pick some fresh Squash–I heard this place had three different varieties and I couldn’t wait to arrive. There was a set back along the way. The car overheated and started bubbling water. That didn’t stop us however, and we continued the further 40 miles down to the farm. Registered & Protected