The Great British Strawberry-How to Make Strawberry Jam

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The Great British StrawberryToday was very exciting to put it lightly. What an adventure I had with my three little dogs and mate. We piled into the car and drove down to a Pick Your Own Farm because I was dying to pick some fresh Squash–I heard this place had three different varieties and I couldn’t wait to arrive. There was a set back along the way. The car overheated and started bubbling water. That didn’t stop us however, and we continued the further 40 miles down to the farm. Of course, with my luck, when we arrived they told me they had just sold out of the 200 squash they had available. I thought, “You have got to be kidding me.” I was annoyed, but made the most of the situation and picked about 2 kg of fresh strawberries.

Pick Your Own Strawberries

[Contrary to popular belief, the British Strawberry season does not end in July, in fact it goes on until mid December! So please take advantage of this extended strawberry season.]

Pick Your Own Farm Enfield

It was hot in the sheltered area, and my dogs were panting like there was no tomorrow, so we all piled back in the car and headed home. But then of course, there is never a dull moment is there? The car’s oil started mixing with the water and well basically the engine failed. After a long 2 hour wait for the tow truck and watching my poor little pups back in the car while I was forced to sit up in the tow truck(it’s the law apparently) , I finally got home and made some jam! Yeah, fresh strawberry jam!!!
British Strawberries

1.5 pounds(680 grams)of fresh strawberries
1.5 pounds of jam sugar(680 grams) (I use the type made from raw cane sugar with added pectin)

This recipe is so simple, you will have your jam made ready in 10 minutes!
Wash your freshly picked strawberries ;)
and chop them into small pieces (this makes for better jam I find)
Chopped Srawberries

Put the chopped strawberries in a medium to large pot (saucepan) and stir over high heat for a few minutes to help soften the strawberries.
Jam ready to go

Slowly add the sugar little by little. When it has dissolved completely, stop stirring.
Stop stirring?!?!? You need to stop stirring in order for the jam to set.
Jam Setting

Continue to boil the jam for about 8 minutes until it is bubbling quite large (see above pic)
Once it has got to the point of large bubbles, it will have reached setting point.
To make sure the jam has really set, spoon out a bit onto a cold plate. When it has cooled put your finger on top to see if it wrinkles. If it has, it has set.
Organic Homemade Strawberry Jam

Pour the jam into 2 large jam jars and leave out until they have cooled.
Come down in the morning and spread your homemade jam on some toast or a scone. Or if your like me, sneak down in the middle of the night and put some on a cracker. mmmm
Organic Homemade Strawberry Jam

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19 Responses to The Great British Strawberry-How to Make Strawberry Jam

  1. MacroMan

    Holy batman Look at those pictures! Beautiful job Dia.

  2. Gingercarrots

    Once again you astound me with your images. Simply beautiful.

  3. Oodlesandnoodles

    Have you ever won any awards 4 ur photog? You should.

  4. Gemma

    It seems relatively easy to make jam, why then have I never made it before? Will have to try it tomorrow.

  5. Jen Jen


    The strawberry is rough like a slave’s arduous life
    Vermillion, green, and fuzzy like an inscripted pathway
    It tastes like the first candy bar in a child’s life
    It looks like a cold soda on a hot summer day
    Sounds like the Sirens decepting voice
    As sweet as the song of a Blue Jay in the tall oak trees
    Smells like a new blossomed rose on a luke-warm spring day
    Inside the strawberry is sweet like cotton candy at the State Fair
    Smooth like the back end of a bowling ball
    Tastes as sweet as winning your first football game against the best in state
    Looks like a glass of water after a trip from the desert with no supplies
    And smells like the bakery in the early morning

    Jacob McGregor-April 30, 2007

    Great pics Dia

  6. Flickruser

    When I get the email that says “new on cooking with dia” I jump for joy, and that post is a great example why.

  7. Dave

    Great photos – and the jam looks good too !

  8. Kishina

    You never cease to amaze me with your many talents.

  9. Kishina

    I saw the video you posted at Arachnoid Activist, and Dia you are still a great singer! I have your cd from last year, don’t wonder how things might have been if you never had the brain surgeries, because they turned out great. You have inspired me and many others through your hard work for arachnoid cyst activism. you are a star to me and will always be ;)

  10. Larry

    What a day! Quite an intro to life with Dia for the new puppy, too! But it seems you made it out of your “jam” with aplomb (of maybe a plum?). Have a good Sunday.

  11. Administrator

    Thanks guys! Gems, yes it is pretty simple. Kish, thank you for trying to cheer me up. You are sweet. Larry, yes Desdemona was exhausted by the time we got home. So was I lol.

  12. Michael

    that listen icon thing is so funny Dia. Great post too

  13. Administrator

    Oh my goodness Michael, yes it kind of is pretty funny! I experimented with the different accents available, the Italian one speaking English was by far the most entertaining, but it was incomprehensible, so I went for the all American voice!

  14. Administrator

    the best part is when she says, “m-m-m-m” and also another favorite is her monotonous way of saying, “stop stirring. stop stirring. you need to stop stirring.” Hehehee

  15. Michael

    I now need to hear the Italian one please

  16. oregonsally

    Strawberries are rarer in my neck of the woods, I’ll have to go to the pathmark.

  17. Louise

    Simply amazing! After a day like you had, I would need three to recuperate. Strawberry season til mid December? I may have to relocate. I’ve never made jam myself but I know my daughter will definitely appreciate this recipe. I’ll be sending it off to her ASAP.

    Thanks for sharing Dia and I’m glad you all made it home safe and sound, strawberries and pets in tact:)

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