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A Vegan Hogmanay – Seven mug pudding

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Seven Mug Pudding - VeganI wanted to do something for Hogmanay because the Scottish over here are the most like Philadelphians as far as I can see. In Philadelphia New Year’s Day is a huge celebration, in fact even more so than Christmas. Philadelphia has the Mummers Parade, which I grew up with. It is a day long celebration that goes late into the night. It starts out in South Philly with the Comics and String Bands and ends in Center City with the Fancy Brigade competition. People don’t realize that this Mummers Parade is serious business! The different bands and brigades work on their routines and costumes for an entire year–everything has to be perfect

Twelfth day-Come get tipsy with me!

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Tipsy LairdThis morning I woke up earlier than usual to make sure I made it down to the Christmas market in town. You see I was on the hunt for some fresh raspberries, a proper trifle dish and some Drambuie. I didn’t find any of that, until I went to Tesco. Even there, I only found 1 out of 3-fresh raspberries, but it was enough to make me happy. I had to settle for the Famous Grouse and have located an old glass bowl in my attic to use for the dish…it all worked out in the end…or did it? On the twelfth day of Christmas I give to you Tipsy Laird, or as some spell it Typsy Laird, or as the Englishmen and Americans call it Sherry Trifle.

Tenth & Eleventh Day Gluten Free & Vegan Breads

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

apple and cinnamon breadI’m putting two recipes together here because I’m afraid I’m going to need a day off tomorrow from cooking and photographing food. I don’t usually talk about my health problems on here, and I’d hate to start, but I’m feeling really dizzy again, and I’m sure it is just exhaustion. So, a day off is needed. This post is jammed pack full of pictures and recipes for gluten free & vegan banana bread and gluten free & vegan apple and raisin bread. Yum!

Ninth Day-Vegan Sausage Rolls

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Vegan Sausage RollsWow, already day nine of this mad experiment. Didn’t think I’d get this far, eh? Well, I did. Now, finally for you I made something savory. For my American friends, a sausage roll is something the British snack on. At parties here in jolly ol’ England, there is usually a mountain of mini sausage rolls. I was thinking how funny it would be to veganize them and not tell anyone, to see if they could taste the difference. For the ninth day of Christmas Dia makes for you…something savory-vegan sausage rolls!!!!!!

Eighth Day-Vegan Mini Danish

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Vegan Mini DanishOK so I guess technically these aren’t mini danish, but the flavor is so similar, I didn’t want to name them tartlets. Again, this is another very simple recipe, that is unless you are making your own vegan puff pastry. Had a weird day: I slipped on the icy footpath near my house, right onto my bad knee and my cane broke. Then I came home to find Brittany Murphy died of a heart attack at 32 years old. She was one of those actresses I liked, part of my generation and all that. I loved her in Girl Interrupted and always felt her acting skills went overlooked by her peers. I’m also still a bit sad that Terry Wogan retired…so yeah, easy recipe for today. :) On the eighth day of Christmas Dia gives to you Vegan Mini Danish, well, sort of. Registered & Protected