Twelfth day-Come get tipsy with me!

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Tipsy LairdThis morning I woke up earlier than usual to make sure I made it down to the Christmas market in town. You see I was on the hunt for some fresh raspberries, a proper trifle dish and some Drambuie. I didn’t find any of that, until I went to Tesco. Even there, I only found 1 out of 3-fresh raspberries, but it was enough to make me happy. I had to settle for the Famous Grouse and have located an old glass bowl in my attic to use for the dish…it all worked out in the end…or did it? On the twelfth day of Christmas I give to you Tipsy Laird, or as some spell it Typsy Laird, or as the Englishmen and Americans call it Sherry Trifle.

What is a trifle really without custard? For us vegans, custard is hard to come by. I went over it a million times in my head last night, and even woke up at 1 am to experiment with different ingredients on the hob, but nothing seemed to work quite right. There is no replacement for egg yolks, the egg replacing powder is great for vegan omelets, but a disaster for trifle. I finally found a solution: “All Natural Custard Powder” by just wholefoods. It didn’t set as much as I would have liked, and by the time I tipped all the booze in, well, you won’t exactly see all the layers of my trifle in the pictures. :)

1 bottle of cream sherry
1 bottle of scotch or Drambuie if you can find it
500ml of vegan custard
1 lb fresh raspberries
12 oz Raspberry Jam
caster sugar
1 vegan sponge cake cut into slices
Whipped soy cream

I know Tipsy Laird or trifle usually calls for toasted almonds, but as I have a slight food allergy to them, I’ve left them out.
Tipsy Laird
Take your trifle dish or large glass bowl and place the sponge cake slices on the bottom.
Tipsy Laird
On top of the sponge cake pour out a layer of raspberry jam.
Tipsy Laird
Spread out a handful of raspberries on top of the jam, and sprinkle with caster sugar.
Tipsy Laird
Pour in as much sherry and scotch as you like. I used quite a bit…which is probably why I’m giggling right now.
Pour in a layer of vegan custard
Put another handful of raspberries on top of the custard.
Tipsy Laird
Let trifle set for a while in fridge.
Once set put on another layer of sponge cake.
Then tip in some more sherry and scotch. I know, I’m bad.
Now top with whipped cream. Loads of it.
Tipsy Laird
On top the cream put some more fresh raspberries. I also used red currants, but you don’t have to.
Put in fridge to set some more, and take out on Christmas day and dig in!
Tipsy Laird
You can even make mini Tipsy Lairds if you wish. The possibilities are endless. If you want to use strawberries instead of raspberries then you won’t be making a Tipsy Laird, you’ll be making a boring ol’ Englishmen trifle. But it’s allowed I suppose. :P

Ah, well, I’m finished the twelve days of Christmas! I’ll miss cooking everyday now, it was a nice distraction from another family-less Christmas again this year. At the risk of sounding corny–cherish those family moments because you never know when they will be some of your last. I was hoping to be at home with my family this year, but it didn’t work out. Hopefully next year! Merry Christmas!!!
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6 Responses to Twelfth day-Come get tipsy with me!

  1. Larry

    Ok, you officially have me salivating, and I’m not a “sweets” person in general. Good stuff, Dia!

  2. Louise

    Oh Dia, simply heavenly…I’m sorry you couldn’t be with your family this Christmas, I couldn’t either. (I’m moving) I agree, cherish those moments and memories and I don’t care how “corny” it sounds. Next year!!!

    I know one thing I will be doing for sure tonight though, getting tipsy…

  3. Gingercarrots

    Congratulations on getting through the 12 days! Great work Dia, you are a wonderful woman! No wonder why you are getting proposed to via your blog.

  4. Dave

    There’s nothing like a good old English trifle, especially with a lot of booze in it ! This one sounds great, even if it is Scottish !

  5. Flickruser

    You did a fab job Dia on the 12 days! Mr Scotch would be lucky to have you! It’s his loss if he doesn’t notice how beautiful and talented you are! Merry Christmas! Now get some sleep!

  6. Gemma

    Happy Christmas Dia. Great recipes all twelve days, and I hope you get a true love kiss from your MR Scottish :P Registered & Protected