Back to Basics-Simple, Spicy Vegan Risotto

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Spicy RisottoIf you are like me, you are constantly trying to veganize dishes you remember from your pre-vegan life. I for one have been obsessing on how to make the perfect vegan mozzarella. I’m pleased to say I’ve finally cracked the code, and I will be sharing that recipe with you soon. While obsessing on things like that, I forget that the best part of being vegan is staring right in front of me-All the wonderful fruit and veg I get every week. So, today it’s back to basics with this very simple, spicy risotto. If you’ve never made risotto before, this is a good starter recipe. As you get more confident, you can add whatever you wish.

This winter so far has been very cold. After a walk around the park with three dogs, a cane and a camera-I get tired. The best thing to come home to is a nice warm comforting meal. This is that meal!

1 Cup risotto rice (Remember the nifty converter to your right if you don’t measure in cups.)
Olive oil
2 tsp Crushed chili
3-4 tsp Crushed garlic
Pinch of wild oregano
Pinch of basil
1 Wild bay leaf
1/4 Cup passata
1 Cup white wine
2 Spring onions or leeks chopped
Few drops of chili sauce
1 Romano pepper seeded and chopped
1 Sweet red pepper seeded and chopped
1 Chili pepper seeded and chopped
2 Cups vegetable stock
1 tsp Sugar
1/2 cup Soft vegan spread

Spicy Risotto

Splash some olive oil in your pan and swirl around.
When heated add the onions (or leeks), crushed garlic, crushed chili and rice.
Fry until rice has soaked in the oil a bit.
Add in the Romano pepper, bay leaf, sweet red pepper and chili pepper and stir.
Next pour in the white wine, and let it sit over the rice for a few minutes.
Once the rice has soaked in the white wine, pour in the vegetable stock and passata.
Sprinkle in the oregano, sugar and basil.
Stir as much as possible throughout the entire process. Risottos need a lot of stirring.
When the rice is almost cooked, scoop in the vegan spread. This gives it the creamy texture the risotto needs.
Stir until cooked and serve.
This is a risotto for two.
[The 'ott' in risotto is pronounced ott as in 'hot' or 'otter', not 'o' as in 'oat' or 'boat'.]
Pronunciation of risotto
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8 Responses to Back to Basics-Simple, Spicy Vegan Risotto

  1. Dave

    I just tried this ! It is a great, warming meal, spicy but not too hot. I added mushrooms, and obviously you can put whatever you like in it and vary the heat by increasing or reducing the spices. I recommend this !

  2. Macroman

    Loving the last picture!

  3. Jen Jen

    It does look warm and comforting. It’s been cold here too!

  4. Administrator

    It is only going to get colder apparently, and more snow too. Weird winter for this area.
    Thanks guys for commenting!

  5. Louise

    Gorgeous Risotto, Dia. You have such a way of tantalizing my vegan senses. Someday, perhaps:)

    Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year!!!

  6. Administrator

    Thank you Louise! Happy New Year to you as well!

  7. Dan

    I made this recipe and it is great. The creaminess of risotto comes from the starches in the rice, so I never add any cream or vegan substitute. Same with paella. If you skip the part about vegan spread. risotto will be creamy if you cook it just how it’s said above with out the spread. I also skipped the sugar, but that has nothing to do with the creaminess. This is my girlfriends favorite risotto recipe I’ve made and she talks about it constantly.

  8. Administrator

    Thanks Dan, I’m glad you like it. You’re right about the risotto rice being creamy enough without the spread, but I grew up with my father always adding cream or cheese, and in my mind the best way to add that extra creaminess was from the vegan spread. I make this all the time too! It’s so easy and hits the spot after a long day. Registered & Protected