A Vegan Burns Night Supper

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Vegan Haggis SamosasTomorrow night is Burns Night, and many a Scot will be sitting down for a Burns Night Supper to celebrate the birthday of poet, Robert Burns. Traditionally a Burns night supper consists of cock-a-leekie soup, haggis and tatties and then either clootie dumpling or tipsy laird to close the meal. But I’ve changed that all around and upside down to suit me and my vegan and gluten free friends.

So for my all gluten free and vegan Burns Night Supper the menu is as follows:

Tattie-a-leekie Soup
Giant Vegan Haggis Samosas
Tipsy Laird

Tattie-a-leekie Soup
2 large leeks
2 large potatoes
6 cups of vegetable stock
salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoons safflower oil

Tattie-a-leekie soup
Clean and slice the leeks.
Peel and dice the potatoes.
Saute’ them in a frying pan for fifteen minutes with the safflower oil.
Bring the stock to a boil and add the leeks and potatoes.
Add in the salt and pepper.
Simmer for 30 minutes.
Pour out into bowls and serve.

Giant Vegan Haggis Samosas
Vegan Haggis Samosas
1 Vegan Haggis, but if you can’t find this use the same recipe I made for my vegan sausage rolls.
Ready Made gluten free and vegan flaky pastry sheet. If you aren’t on a gluten free diet you can use regular filo pastry.
2 tablespoons rice milk
Deep fat fryer or Sauce pan filled with 2 pints of vegetable oil

Vegan Haggis
Take the flaky pastry sheet and roll out until as thin as filo pastry.
Cut into 5×7″ sheets.
For each sheet put one scoop of haggis.
Fold over the top right corner to the bottom and then fold the bottom right corner to the top. Seal by brushing rice milk onto the left flap and closing the flap to the right.
Should be able to make 4 or 5 very large samosas with this method.
Deep fry samosas for 5 minutes, make sure they are fully immersed in the oil.
Take out and pat down with paper towels to get the excess grease off.
Vegan Haggis Samosas
I can’t describe how delicious this is, you need to taste it for yourself.
If you are using the filling recipe from the vegan sausage rolls, it really comes out a treat.

Tipsy Laird
1 bottle of cream sherry
1 bottle of scotch or Drambuie if you can find it
500ml of vegan custard
1 lb fresh raspberries
12 oz Raspberry Jam
caster sugar
1 gluten free and vegan sponge cake cut into slices
Whipped soy cream

I know Tipsy Laird or trifle usually calls for toasted almonds, but as I have a slight food allergy to them, I’ve left them out.
Tipsy Laird
Take your trifle dish or large glass bowl and place the sponge cake slices on the bottom.
Tipsy Laird
On top of the sponge cake pour out a layer of raspberry jam.
Tipsy Laird
Spread out a handful of raspberries on top of the jam, and sprinkle with caster sugar.
Tipsy Laird
Pour in as much sherry and scotch as you like. I used quite a bit…which is probably why I’m giggling right now.
Pour in a layer of vegan custard
Put another handful of raspberries on top of the custard.
Tipsy Laird
Let trifle set for a while in fridge.
Once set put on another layer of sponge cake.
Then tip in some more sherry and scotch. I know, I’m bad.
Now top with whipped cream. Loads of it.
Tipsy Laird
On top the cream put some more fresh raspberries. I also used red currants, but you don’t have to.
Put in fridge to set some more, and take out at the end of dinner and dig in!
Tipsy Laird

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4 Responses to A Vegan Burns Night Supper

  1. MaryMoh

    Everything here looks very delicious. I’m not into haggis yet. Heard too much about the ingredients but I would be interested to try the vegetarian haggis. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Administrator

    The vegan/veggie haggis is very good, I guess it is just that it is shaped like the original meat filled haggis, but really nowhere near same flavor.

  3. Dave

    Real haggis is delicious, although I can understand people being put off by the ingredients ! I feel quite merry just reading the recipe for tipsy laird !

  4. Veggiepeggie

    Those samosas look divine. Nice and crispy.

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