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Happy Pancake Day!

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Corn Pancakes (Gluten free and vegan)Today is Shrove’s Tuesday AKA Pancake Day! Woot! Woot! Who doesn’t love pancakes? You? Then this post isn’t for you sweetie pie. :P In case you have no idea why the British gorge themselves on pancakes today of all days–Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday AKA the day you have to stop eating fun things, so in Sweden it is “Pastry Day”, in America it is “Fat Tuesday” (they couldn’t decide on just one food) and here it is “Pancake Day”. The idea is to eat as much of the one food you love the day before you have to give it up for Lent. That’s your Theology lesson for the day from Miss Dia. Registered & Protected