Potato and Chili Cakes-Gluten Free & Vegan

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Potato Chili Cakes (gluten free and vegan)Ever wonder what to do with left over mashed potatoes? Well, instead of just bonging them in the microwave, why not make some potato cakes? You can put whatever you want in them really, and it takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. It’s a great way to fry up a quick snack that is tasty!

2 cups left over mashed potatoes
1/2 cup rice flour
3 chopped bird’s eye chilies
2 or 3 teaspoons of chili powder
2 shallots chopped finely
A splash or two of safflower oil
1 cup of sweetcorn

Get out a big bowl, throw the mashed potatoes in with the rice flour and mix together.
Add in the chilies, corn and shallots. Mix.
Pour in the oil, I used a few splashes to help bind everything. I find it works well. I wouldn’t use olive oil, so if you don’t have any safflower oil on hand, use sunflower.
Add in the chili powder and mix throughly.
Make small cake patties with your hands.
Fry them in safflower oil on a hot hob for a few minutes while flipping frequently.
Really simple side dish to make. Wonderful as an after school or work snack if you’ve had a long day!
Potato Chili Cakes (gluten free and vegan)

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  1. Dave

    The simplest recipes are often the best !

  2. Administrator

    Thank you! My true fan! =0)

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