Gluten Free & Vegan Mini Victorian Sponge Cakes

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The past two days have been filled with so much sadness. When I get upset and sad I tend to bake muffins. I just keep baking them and baking them some more until I have so many muffins I don’t know what to do. I find baking very therapeutic, and today I just decided to make a mini variation of my vegan and gluten free Victorian Sponge cake. It is an amuse-bouche, fancy for bite sized! I hope you will enjoy this distraction from all of the horrible things happening in this world. :(

1 10×7″ non stick brownie pan
1/2 cup vegan spread
1 cup of rice flour
1 tsp of gluten free baking powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 Ener-G egg replacer
3/4 cup unrefined caster sugar
1 cup of strawberry jam: see my recipe for it here
1/4 cup of icing sugar
1 cup of non dairy cream whisked until thick

Cream the vegan spread, extract and caster sugar together.
Slowly add in the egg replacer and mix in with the vegan spread and sugar.
Meanwhile sift the flour twice and slowly fold into the mixture.
Stir together until nice and creamy.
Pour the batter into a 10×7″ brownie pan.
Bake at 180°C (356°F) for 20 minutes.

After it is baked, turn out onto a cooling rack.
Take a 1 1/2″ circular cookie cutter and cut 24 circles into the sponge cake.
Peel away the rest of the cake and put in a little baggie to feed to some birds, or you can always eat this as well if you get desperately hungry after eating all of these mini bite sized Victorian Sponge cakes. :)
Split circular sponges into 2 sections of 12.
On 12 of them spoon out a tiny bit of strawberry jam first on the top.
Then spoon out a little bit of the whisked non dairy cream (I used soy cream) onto the top of the jam.
Next take the other 12 sponges and place them on the tops of the cream.
Sift the icing sugar over the tops of all 12 mini sponge cakes.
Feel free to watch the video I made of me baking these to get a better idea how the process went.

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4 Responses to Gluten Free & Vegan Mini Victorian Sponge Cakes

  1. Deni

    Thank you so much for this welcome distraction and escape from reality. Everything on this site and all of the pics are absolutely delicious looking!

  2. Kathryn

    What a beautiful dessert. I look forward to checking out your other recipes.

  3. Dave

    An interesting version of a traditional sponge cake !

  4. Michael

    Beautiful! Well done! Registered & Protected