Quick & Simple Strawberry + Banana Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream (Vegan & Gluten Free)

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vegan soy free ice-cream

It’s getting warmer…gradually. Almost the end of May and we’ve finally hit 66 degrees Fahrenheit! Wahoo! Ice-cream vans are ring a ding dinging down the streets, but they don’t offer anything vegan. Don’t fret, because vegan ice-cream couldn’t be easier to make. Here is a simple and quick recipe that will give you ice-cream in 10 minutes or less, and no ice-cream machine is required.

Quick & Simple Strawberry + Banana Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Serving Size: About 10 scoops

Quick & Simple Strawberry + Banana Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream (Vegan & Gluten Free)


1 cup frozen sliced bananas

1 cup frozen chopped strawberries

1 cup coconut cream

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

1 tablespoon icing sugar (optional)


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Take out a food processor or blender.

Pour in the frozen bananas and strawberries.

Pour in the coconut cream.

Mix or blend until it becomes a "soft-serve" ice-cream consistency.

Transfer ice-cream to a freezer safe container.

*Mix in the chocolate chips and if you are using the icing sugar mix in at the same time.

Serve immediately or store in the freezer.


This was perhaps the most delicious of the ice-creams I have made since becoming vegan. I was a bit skeptical about using coconut cream because I normally would use oat cream or rice cream, but the flavor was great! It is not an overpowering coconut flavor at all, in fact I could barely taste it! For me it had the perfect tartness and was the creamiest of all the dairy free ice-creams I’ve tried so far. Of course you could always substitute the coconut cream with soy cream or even soy yogurt if you like soy, but do give this a try sometime!

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7 Responses to Quick & Simple Strawberry + Banana Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream (Vegan & Gluten Free)

  1. Louise

    I have to agree, Dia. This Ice cream sounds outstanding!!! I’ll be sending it right to my daughter so she can whip it up for the kids too!

    Thanks for sharing…

  2. Bob Smarks

    Oh this icecream looks so good, and it sounds so simple to make.

  3. Jen Jen

    Wow that looks so yummy! I used to think making ice cream at home was complicated, but this recipe seems so easy!

  4. Jen Jen

    P.S. I love the ice cream dishes and spoons! SO CUTE!

  5. MacroMan

    One of your best recipes yet!

  6. Dave

    I have a sweet tooth and love ice-cream, so this sounds like just what I need. Pity you can’t sell us all some ! But the best thing about your recipes is that they are all so easy to make.

  7. ♦***Admin--Dia***♦

    Thank you! It’s by far the easiest of all of my ice-cream recipes and certainly hits the spot on a hot day like today!

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