Dia’s Gluten Free & Vegan Hot Cross Buns (Banana & Chocolate)

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Dia's Gluten Free & Vegan Hot Cross BunsIt’s that time of year again…spring has sprung! The snow drops have gone, the croci are just about over and the daffodils are in full bloom. In a couple of weeks my tulips will be out, and it will be Easter. Whether or not you celebrate that holiday, you can still enjoy these delicious hot cross buns. Traditionally hot cross buns are made with candied fruit, raisins, orange peel, etc., but I decided to make a bun I’d actually want to eat more than once, and bananas and chocolate immediately came to mind.

Monkey Bread: Vegan and Gluten Free

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Vegan and Gluten Free Monkey Bread by Cooking With Dia

I remember the first time I experienced Monkey Bread–I was eight years old and at a very wealthy girl’s tenth birthday party. I expected an extravagant cake, so when this lumpy pile of balls approached the table with 1 measly little candle on it, I was taken aback. I asked, “What the hell is that?” “We don’t say hell in this house Miss Dia,” my friend’s mother whispered, “It’s Monkey Bread!” “WHAT?!?!” I screamed, “There are monkeys in this bread?” “Ha ha ha ha, no dear, it’s just called Monkey Bread,” the mother explained. “Why????” “Time to blow out the candles!!!” Needless to say I was ignored. My point is, I don’t know why it is called Monkey Bread–even Wikipedia doesn’t know:

Mini Naan Pizzas

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Mini Naan PizzasThis dish is not only healthy, but completely vegetarian. It could even be vegan if you substitute the cheeses to vegan cheeses. I will give you all of the information if you would like to do this.
These cuties are absolutely delicious and can be made for a party or for a romantic dinner for two. The naan bread gives a nice peppery taste, and added with the right topping, this can be truly exceptional!

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