Dia wheeled 100 Miles in and around British countryside Parks from May 8th to July 26th in order to
raise money for the British Heart Foundation.  This page will no longer be updated on. But if you
would like to see the 100 Miles Documentary,
click here.
Please watch the 100 Miles documentary here.

Challenge completed at 11:43 am BST in the Brecon Beacons. Wheeled 5 miles in hills and valleys, the episode for Wales will be a short documentary, and available to see soon. Thank you to everyone who supported this and who did donate, you can still donate if you haven't had the chance yet. 26/07/13

5 miles to go!!! See you in Wales for the finish of this challenge. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, it means so much to me and the BHF. And your lovely messages of support and encouragement have helped to inspire me to keep on going!!! 24/07/13 15:57

8 miles to go!!! Today was hot, humid with sporadic thunder storms. I wheeled 2 miles once again in Emberton Park. 23/07/13 15:27

10 miles to go!!! A much cooler day today + tarmac paths= I could finally enjoy myself and get in some miles. I wheeled 5 miles today in the wonderful Bedford Park. Thank you Bedford Park for the suitable paths for wheelchairs!!! 20/07/13 16:31

15 miles to go!!! Wheeled 1.5 miles today, mostly uphill, and honestly with the heat, I didn't think I would be able to complete the route I set out for myself today, but I did it!!! I couldn't believe it, it's still so hot out. 1 more week to go until I finish the challenge!!! 19/07/13 15:29

16.5 miles to go...went to Cranfield today, temperatures are very high again for this part of the world, so only managed to do a mile today. I have just about a week to go until I finish my challenge in Wales, very excited, and thank you to all who have donated so far <3 18/07/13 16:53

17.5 miles to go!!! We're in the teens now!!! Wahooo!!! Wheeled 2.5 miles today in Salcey Forest, so badly wanted to hit the 3 mile mark today, but the sun was beating me up, so I checked myself before I wrecked myself, you can tell I am not exactly with it right at the moment!!! 16/07/13 16:09

20 miles to go!!! Took extra precaution today because of the heat, and what happened 2 days ago, so never went over 5mph, did 2 miles in Emberton. 15/07/13 16:15

22 miles to go. Wheeled in Brixworth Country Park today, suffered from heat exhaustion about halfway through my wheel, was hallucinating, dizzy, sick, my head was pounding, ended up putting my head in a bucket of cold water, and drinking 3 bottles of water! crazy day!!!12/07/13 21:26

Make sure to keep up with the episode videos and pictures on my website diadesigns.com/diawheels100miles . A special thank you to Bill Stafford for the note of support and donation!!!11/07/13 11:48

25 miles to go Went to Brampton Valley Way planning on doing a much longer wheel, but again was faced with paths meant to be "rolled stone" but have become so loose and disheveled, my castor wheels couldn't cope. The site was so beautiful, so did as much as my wheels would allow.10/07/13 17:34

28 miles to go!!! Took Dezzy to Emberton Park for her birthday present (she's a dog). It is still hot hot hot outside, welcome to tropical Emberton!!!09/07/13 14:45

30 miles to go!!! Wheeled 3+ miles at Wrest Park near Silsoe today. I have to mention that the grounds were the most accessible out of all of the country homes/mansions I have wheeled around so far. It was nice to finally be able to go a bit faster and really enjoy the gardens!!!08/07/13 17:35

33 miles to go!!! Went to Brackley first today to visit the Old Hall Bookshop, where I found an 1881 edition of The Pilgrim's Progress. Then went to Towcester for much more of a wheel. Today temp was around 80 degrees again! I feel like I'm not in England.06/07/13 17:03

If you would like to keep up with the pictures of my journey, go to http://diadesigns.com/100milespics , as I can only upload so many to this page.05/07/13 23:00

34 miles to go!!! Wheeled 3 miles in Stoke Bruerne today. Paths weren't too bad, and it was about 80 degrees, one of the hottest days here so far this year.05/07/13 17:03

37 miles to go!!! Went to Stevington to explore more Bunyan places, got threatened and shouted out by a farmers wife because I was taking a picture on "her land" by a gate which was wide open with a bench by it. The stress didn't end there, but the point is, onward we go!!!!!!!!!03/07/13 16:41

39 miles to go!!! Wheeled in Black Country Park today. The weather wasn't brilliant, but it could have been worse, so I just got on with it. On the way back stopped in Windsor.02/07/13 19:22

43 miles to go!!! Wheeled just over a mile on tiny little rocks around Castle Ashby. That type of terrain is like quick sand to castor wheels, but it was such a sunny day I didn't care.30/06/13 15:51

44 miles to go!!! Wheeled around Priory Country Park and the Embankment today. Was a lovely day out!29/06/13 18:02

48 miles to go!!! I wheeled 2 miles in the rain including the 75 foot hill I ascended which came out of nowhere. But I did it! A man walked by me and asked me at the steepest point, if I "needed a push", and I said, "I can do this."28/06/13 18:33

Halfway mark!!! Went on long wheel to film an episode based around a few places that were influential in the book Pilgrim's Progress, one of my favorites as a kid. Thank you to Mick and Anne from Pilgrim's House for the donation!26/06/13 17:56